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From this point on, we will be keeping our website up-to-date.  Our current executive committee has made it a priority to do this.  We believe that an out-of-date website reflects badly on our club.  We are experiencing a renewed surge of activity and enthusiasm within our club.  We are taking firm steps to make this club a place where members will look forward to attending our races, our meetings, and the weekly practice sessions at our pond.  Check back often for the most current information.




As you may already know, we are hosting the NAMBA Nationals this summer.  See the NAMBA website for details.  Also see the following link to the discussion thread on Jim's RC Boat Dock:




We are having a pre-nationals meeting at 1:00 pm on June 5, 2016 to finalize and tie-up any loose ends concerning our preparations for the NAMBA Nationals the following week. 
Also, right afterwards, we will be having a work session.  During this session we want to clean up, weed whack, cut any low hanging branches fish the trash out of the perimeter of the pond, fill holes, and do any other things that need doing.  Please come prepared to work, including bringing rakes, shovels, boots, gloves, trash bags, maybe some wheel barrows, a weed whacker (or two), small pruning saws, maybe an axe, etc.

     An R/C club is a great way to get organized with your friends, family, and other people with the same interests. Our club deals with R/C power boats all the way from Ready To Run (RTR) to custom builds, from racing at events to just hanging out on Sunday afternoon with members.  Being part of an R/C club is the best way to learn the hobby from people that are willing to help you in any way they can.
     So, if you have an interest in the hobby, sit back and browse our site and see what we have to offer. There are links to some great places that deal with R/C power boats and message boards to even further help you on your way in this great hobby!




Cheryl Congdon-Wood

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